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Week 1,
Term Three, 2016

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This weekend in sport we head to Runaway Bay for the annual Athletics Camp and prepare for next week’s Inter-House Athletics Carnival on Friday and Saturday.

Marina Ishii, Baseball

Senior School Inter-House Athletics Carnival: Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July

For the full programme of times and events, please visit Schoolbox.

  • Arrive: 8.15am on each day. Students are to arrive in their House sports uniform and move straight to their House tent area (rolls will be taken by PC leaders).
  • Food and drinks: there will be food and drinks for sale, for both students and parents (cash and ID cards). Students should also bring snacks, a water bottle, hat and sunscreen.
  • Parents: are welcome to attend on each day and it is recommended to bring a fold up chair or rug to sit on but you are also welcome to move around with your son/daughter as they go through the rotation of events.
  • Attendance: all students are expected to remain at the College until 3.30pm. Presentations will take place at the conclusion on Saturday. Please do not take your son/daughter home prior to this. We are wanting to encourage a team approach and everyone is responsible for being a part of the team.
  • Saturday is the only day of the school year which students are required to attend sport on a weekend. As such, it is expected that this be treated as a priority over other weekend commitments. Any concerns can be directed to the Heads of House.
  • Records: this will be our first Inter-House Athletics meet on our new rubber track. As such, we are expecting some track records to fall (previous grass track records will be archived). All records will be listed in the programme and on the back window of the timing room.
  • Results: all results will be pinned on the back window of the timing room and posted on Schoolbox.
  • APS Carnival: will be held on Wednesday 10 August. Somerset are the defending champions and the team will be announced the week after the carnival. Practices continue daily at 7.00am at the track.

Yukimaro Ii, Tennis

Yukimaro played in the Rod Laver Queensland Junior Tennis Championships over the break and made the semi-finals in the singles and the final in the doubles. Both the finalists in the singles were out-of-state players (one from NZ), so he placed 2nd in the State.

Kipp Thrupp, Hockey

Kipp has been selected in the Queensland Under 13 Hockey Team, the “Sabres”, to play in the Australian Championships in Perth in early October.

Bianca Crisp, Open Water Swimming

Over the holidays Bianca represented Australia at the Oceanic Open Water Swimming Championships held in Fiji. Bianca’s results were outstanding as she won silver medals in both the 10km (2 hours 42 minutes – only 37 seconds behind 1st place) and 5km (1 hour 7 minutes- only 20 seconds behind 1st place) events.

Josh Vuta, Rugby

Josh has been selected in the Australian Schools Rugby Team. He will play games in September and October versus the New Zealand, Fijian and Samoan Schools Teams.

Marina Ishii, Baseball

From 16 to 19 June, at the Schoolboys Baseball tournament supported by Queensland Education in Cairns, South Coast defeated all teams and won the championship undefeated with 7 wins.

Marina Ishii, representing Somerset, pitched a “no hitter” with 11 strike-outs, calling the game off at the 5th inning and was selected for the Queensland squad reserve as the only female player.

Somerset Sport Policy

All policies and procedures are outlined in the Senior School Sport page of Schoolbox, under “Sport Policy and Dates”. All students and parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these.

Track and Field Season

Somerset’s defending APS Champion team trains daily at the Track at 7.00am. Mondays and Wednesdays are track practices. Tuesdays and Thursdays are field (jumps and throws) practices. Fridays will have all events offered. Practice schedules are available on Schoolbox.

Week 1

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July

  • Athletics Camp at Runaway Bay

Week 2

Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July

  • Inter-House Athletics Carnival at Somerset

Week 3

Friday 29 July

  • APS Summer Season Sports Trials (1 of 2)
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