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Senior Visual Arts Students Visit GOMA




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Week 4,
Term Two, 2016

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Years 11 and 12 Visual Arts students were fortunate to visit the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8) at Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art.

“This eighth edition emphasised the role of performance in recent art, with live actions, video, kinetic art, figurative painting and sculpture exploring the use of the human form to express cultural, social and political ideas, and the central role of artists in articulating experiences specific to their localities” (GOMA, 2016).

Students were able to experience viewing a range of practising artists from the Asia Pacific region. The difference in experiencing work in the flesh as opposed to viewing online is incomparable. Seeing first hand what’s happening in the world of contemporary art, enabling students to bring fresh ideas and techniques back to the class room and their personal practice in order to further develop ideas for their current unit on Substance and Perception was invaluable.

An enjoyable highlight at the end of the day, however, was the interactive installation in the Queensland Art Gallery where students could lay and play amongst the work of Choi Jenong Hwa, The Mandala of Flowers, 2015.

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