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Week 6,
Term One, 2017

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An early morning breakfast shines light on the generous spirit that is alive and well within the College.

On Tuesday 21 February, Somerset College was privileged to have hosted the annual Red Shield Appeal and Schools Programme Breakfast for The Salvation Army. The College hosted approximately 50 individuals from other Gold Coast schools, the media and those directly associated with The Salvation Army, both as volunteers and as beneficiaries of their services.

Our guest of honour, Mr Rod Young, alongside an array of insightful guest speakers, spoke throughout the morning, each with their own story about the role The Salvation Army have played in shaping their lives. As guests dined on a nutritious breakfast, we also heard from various Somerset College students, who referenced their direct experiences with the IMPACT programme within the College.

This breakfast proved to be a beneficial experience for all and a significant reminder of the difference we can make it the lives of others.

It was fitting, then, to attend the Starkey House Chapel that same evening, with the focus of the service exploring how to live a life with a generous spirit.

Starkey House has supported The Salvation Army in various ways over the years, but most noticeably is through the Meals That Make A Difference programme. Students support this programme by cooking a meal (from a selection of recipes) and deliver this to the College kitchen (next to The Bird and Bush). These meals are then collected by Reverend Theresa Mitchell, who in turn, serves the meals to the less fortunate members of the southern Gold Coast region.

The Meals That Make A Difference Programme has provided a plethora of meals over the years, and has truly made difference to the lives of others. If you would like to register to be a part of this service by preparing a meal, you are welcome to do so at this link here. Alternatively, further information can be found in the Service Learning section of the College website, or through Ms Melinda Green (Head of House – Starkey).

We thank all those who have already registered for this term. With a generous mind and a generous heart, we all have the potential to make a difference, and we look forward to 2017 being another year of generosity from the College, and its ongoing support of The Salvation Army.

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