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Somerset Graduates Re-enact Viking Battle for Year 8s




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Week 4, Term One, 2018

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This term the Year 8s are learning about the Viking society and how their developments and changes helped them evolve and expand over time, in Individuals and Societies. On Thursday and Monday 1 and 5 February, the Year 8 cohort assembled into the theatre to watch a Viking presentation from past students Liam and Ryan McClure.

These brothers live and breathe the Viking lifestyle, and are a part of an organisation called Jorth Gar, one of the largest Viking re-enactment groups in the Gold Coast.

2018 - T1 - W4 - Viking

They explained fascinating facts and information based on their re-enactment group. Before entering their Viking community, they explain to all the students that becoming a Viking, there were several rules, leaders, tactics, strategies and armour to help them succeed during battle. They put on a fierce fighting display, accompanied by explaining the various weapons they had bought along including thick padded cotton vests, chainmail armour, a sword, spear and shield. The clothing, armour and weapons were very expensive to buy with one of the brothers mentioning that, “the chainmail tunic alone costed around $500.” There was a significant amount of variety that the brothers had included in their presentation, including how one of them made an armour vest for their Year 10 Personal Project.

After reaching out to several Year 8 students and interviewing them about the presentation, the majority of the year level said the barrier of wealth and poor, and the comparison of materials and armour, was the most interesting part of it all, despite their entertaining re-enactment of a Viking fight. Students took advantage of the information the brothers delivered and will certainly use it to further advance their upcoming assessment.

The presentation was very enjoyable and informative, which meant that the Year 8s enjoyed a fun lesson and learnt more about this society. The re-enactors themselves were very knowledgeable and could answer all questions well. The group thoroughly enjoyed watching and the show was definitely a highlight of the day.

We all appreciate the incredible presentation and thank Somerset College for this opportunity. To learn more about Vikings and their re-enactors group, click here.

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