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Week 9, Term Three, 2019

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Isabella Seymour was recently selected as a Queensland Oaktree Student Ambassador and her first Saturday workshop was held in Brisbane about a fortnight ago. The main focus of the first workshop was campaigning.

We took the opportunity to look at current campaigns that are happening around the world, what makes them successful and how they effectively conveyed their message to their audience. We then selected one Sustainable Development Goal and created a campaign based on that.

2019 - T3 - W9 - oaktree

My group selected climate action and proposed that sustainable legislation was implemented in society and looked deeply at lobbying the government into reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We also proposed the banning of major companies purchasing students' ideas/inventions based around sustainability as these ideas are generally mistreated and disregarded by the big companies purchasing them. We then had to present our ideas to the group and were asked questions about our idea.

Overall, I learnt a lot from this workshop and am extremely grateful for the opportunity!

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