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Week 1, Term Four, 2017

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As part of Somerset Shed Group 2 we had the challenging task of building toolboxes for a local kindergarten. We all found the exercise to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn some new skills in woodwork and work collaboratively with other students.

Over a five-week period a group of 10 eager Year 8 students along with Year 9 mentors met every Monday lunch at Cordner 1.3 to work on the toolbox building project. Under the expert supervision and guidance of Mrs Walker, we began building with enthusiasm and a little apprehension. For some of the students it was the first time using power tools. A great bonus was seeing the end result; we even surprised ourselves at how well they turned out.

We were fortunate enough to be able to deliver the toolboxes to the children at C & K Mudgeeraba in person. What an experience that was! The children were very excited by our visit and not only enjoyed playing with their new toolboxes but took the opportunity for some fun and games with all the students involved. We helped them build a rocket and then joined them in the playground, which was a great experience. I don’t know who had more fun, the children of C & K Mudgeeraba or the Somerset students.

A huge thank you to Mrs Walker for her guidance and on going support of the Somerset Shed project, as well as our Year 9 mentors for their patience and understanding. I would highly recommend all Year 8s to be part of Somerset Shed. Happy building.

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