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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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Recently, eight Somerset students travelled to Hillcrest Christian College for one of the highlights of the Mathematical calendar - the 2016 QAMT Gold Coast District Maths Quiz. Twenty-five mathematically talented teams from across the Gold Coast competed in a cornucopia of calculations and a nail-biting evening ensued.

The teams are made up of an amalgam of Years 7 and 8 students and the quiz is organised into five rounds comprising a mixture of both individual and team questions.

2016 - T3 - W9 - Maths

Round One was Estimation with questions like; Estimate the weight of two pieces of A4 paper. (Answer; 10g). Round Two, Speed, followed quickly behind with 12 mental arithmetic problems for the team to complete in two minutes. One such question was; What is 1,111 + 909? (Answer; 2,020). Round Three was Problem Solving with five problems for each team member to solve in 15 minutes, for example, Find the smallest even number which has four factors and the following properties; when its digits are reversed it gives a prime number and the sum of its digits is 11. (Answer 38)

This was a great opportunity for parents and teachers to take some refreshments. Sadly, the supply of cookies soon ran out which reminded me of the result of asking Siri the all-important question, “What is zero divided by zero?” She replies, "Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn't make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends."

Round Four was split into Individual questions, for example; What is the smallest square number that is a palindrome? (Answer; 121). The last round was General Knowledge; Name the Platonic solid with four triangular faces that all meet at a vertex. (Answer; Octahedron). No one in the room got this one correct (thinking the correct answer was tetrahedron) and there was even controversy when a member of the audience stood up and questioned the validity of the answer. The Quiz Master, to his credit, conceded it had been a bad question but disagreed that there had been a mistake in the answer.

When all the scores were tallied, the Somerset #1 team came out on top with 34.5 points, All Saints Anglican School were second on 32, TSS third (28) and Somerset #2, fourth equal with Trinity Lutheran College on 27. The Somerset #1 team therefore go through to the State finals in Brisbane, where they will proudly represent the Gold Coast.

Congratulations go to all the squad members; James Guy, Mohnish Chand, Momoe Gondo, Andre Vasquez, Jack Luke-Paredi, Desmond Chuah, Miku Adachi and Anna Hori.

My thanks go to all the parents who attended the evening as well as Mr Brodar and Ms Capper for their continued support.

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