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Starlight Fun Run 2016




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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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After a two year break, last Friday saw the rebirth of the annual Starlight Run. With almost 150 people participating, the acclaimed overnight event on the brand new Athletics Track was more successful than our "Incredibly well planned, Ryan didn't just make all of this up at recess” assembly performance suggested.

The night was not only about running, it was also filled with yummy food, fun games and the fancy dress competition, where people came dressed in a range of costumes, from people dressed as mice to the nightmare-inducing Nic Cage masks. People cartwheeled, rolled and convinced their best friends to act as horses for them to ride on around the track a ludicrous, yet beneficial (for Starlight) number of times.

In fact, we managed to run over 2,000 laps during the event – more than 800km long, or the distance between here and Sydney! James "the Beast" Arnold completed a half-marathon (21km) in record time whilst legends tell of a student who steadily made his way around the track over 100 times, covering a distance of over 40km (half the way to Brisbane) and crowning him the winner for the most laps ran (congrats, Jimmy!).

Thanks to everyone's efforts, the Year 12 IB students managed to raise over $1,000 to donate to the Starlight Foundation. The winners of the raffle for a $50 iTunes gift card voucher and dinner for two at a five star restaurant will be announced at the next assembly. We would particularly like to thank all the staff who help us make the event such a success. Thank you everyone who came! And for those of you who unfortunately couldn't make it – there's always going to be next year!

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