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Week 2,
Term One, 2017

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During the Christmas holidays, I took the wonderful opportunity of volunteering at the OzHarvest stand at Robina Town Centre, accompanied by several of my friends. I volunteered for a total of nine hours over three and a half shifts.

My main job was to advocate for the charity by handing out small leaflets to the shoppers around me and teaching others about this worthwhile cause, while accepting donations that my friends and I were presented with. Free fortune cookies were also given to younger children if their parents allowed them to have some and I took the opportunity to sell a few cookies and some general merchandise crafted by other volunteers. I believe that my volunteering hours were worthwhile, as they gave me the opportunity to step into the world of reality - job experience.

2017 - T1 - W2 - OzHarvest

I found volunteering at the OzHarvest stand in Robina an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I was able to learn more about the charity and become more aware of the millions of people who are surviving on inadequate amounts of food daily. OzHarvest also gave me an opportunity to experience what it is like working in the community, and helped me to gain confidence speaking with the general public.

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