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Week 3, Term Two, 2017

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Last term started off with a bang as students got straight into assessment and co-curricular activities. Grade 12’s solemnly accepted their role as student leaders and had assessment thrown at them, but many younger students had the opportunity to go to camp. The aims were to explore their boundaries and socialize within a group setting. The Grade 12 leaders visited the Grade 7 camp and tested their limits with a broken-down bus and the irreverent sounds of kazoos.

Term 1 also saw the start of the Interhouse competition for the 2017 Arnison Cup. With Mr Oman’s do or die attitude, Laver took home first place in the Swimming Carnival with Franklin in a close second. The Celebration of Literature saw students exposed to the wonderful world of writing. With tasty food and interrupted classes, it was an enjoyable week for everyone. The student performances in the Quad were a good opportunity to show off your skills, and show they did. Engaging performances performed by dances crews to duets provided more than enough entertainment for the many students engrossed in the performances.

2017 - W3 - T2 - Term Overview

As for Term 2, so many exciting things have already occurred. With everything from Cross Country (congrats to Starkey for pulling the win!) to musical camp, this term is shaping up to be as fast-paced and action-packed as it always is.

Students from Years 1 to 12 sprinted, ran or walked their way to the finish line in Interhouse Cross Country this Year, and had the results to show for it. Veivers took the win for Junior School Cross Country, and Starkey won in the Senior School for the second year in a row. APS Cross Country is in Week 5, so good luck to all the speedy Spartans preparing and training!

Of course, we have Semester 1 exams quickly approaching also, starting for all Senior students on Thursday 18 May, Week 5. Without the blooming of the jacaranda tree to tell us when to begin studying, make sure to listen to your teachers and keep on top of any schoolwork you might have.

The Year 12 Senior Ball is the event of the night for this term, with dresses being bought, partners being asked, and pre’s going through their annual drama, as always. Save the date, Saturday 10 June, at the Marriott in Surfers Paradise.

It’s amazing to think we’re approaching the middle of the year already, as already so many fantastic things have occurred. However, it is so important to keep the momentum going. Keep trying your best, and we promise you this term will fly by as quickly as the last! We’re always available if you need some help, want some advice or just to have a chat. All the best for this coming term, and we wish you luck!

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