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Week 10, Term Two, 2018

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Year 7 students held a bake sale on Wednesday in Week 10, to raise money for the Cancer Council Foundation. We had to be very organised and bake lots of treats in the weeks leading up to the event.

We made posters to inform people about the bake sale and we requested each member taking part in the sale, to bake something. We decided our parent’s donations would be buying the ingredients, leaving all proceeds to go direct to the Cancer Council.

The Council states, “That just $25 can help transport people affected by cancer to and from vital treatment” (council, 2018).

Our bake sale made a total of $249.95. This could help over nine people and possibly save their lives, just because the customers bought a treat from our stall. Imagine what this could do on a larger scale, how many people would we save form cancer?

We would like to thank everyone who came to our stall and bought something and all the teachers who helped us make this happen.

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