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Week 2,
Term One, 2017

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Yes, it is that time of the year when the five houses find themselves pitted against one another in one of the most dangerous arenas there is… the Performing Arts stage.

In a very short time, these five gladiatorial teams will face off against each other to see who will take home the prestigious House Play trophy.

In the yellow corner is Olivia Hodge and Sam Platt-Muniz who are coolly working their way through their paces. In the purple corner is Celeste Walsh and Joshua White, who skittishly sprinted ahead of the others but have now settled and are back on track. The green corner see the youngsters on the block, Jessica Lekich and Abby Roach, planning with much care and detail. Will youth win out? Standing out in the red corner are Rosie Bensley and Shannen Jones with a carefully selected cast who are ready to stand tall and do the best for their house. This leaves the blue corner, with Courtney Randall and Gina Teixeira, whose meticulously planning surely stands them in good stead.

The festival commences on March 02 and will come to its nail biting climax with the adjudicator’s decisions on March 03. Keep your eye out on the Events page for ticket sales.

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