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The Gravity of Science




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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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Science by Inquiry gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge about their world through exploration in open-ended investigations. It is promoted and actively pursued in our MYP Sciences programme, from simple experiments to in-depth Semester Investigations and Scientific Inquiry projects.

It doesn’t stop at the end of Year 10 though; rather it continues into the Senior Sciences and the Extended Experimental Investigations, (EEIs). The Year 11 Physics students accepted the challenge of an independent study in the field of Mechanics, and the Gravity Car has been a popular option.

A Gravity Car works by utilising the stored potential energy that is released by a falling mass to propel the car along a horizontal surface. Students researched, designed and built their cars and then undertook investigations to reveal how different factors affected the distance travelled. Designs varied, with some more successful than others, and we gratefully acknowledge the assistance given by Mr Dallas O’Brien (Engineering and Technology) and Mr Andrew Hawtin (Physics).

As a consequence of the EEI, students will further refine their investigative and analytical skills. The best Physics EEIs will be entered into the Griffith University Science Competition - Technology Division, in August, where we have enjoyed success in previous years.

Science by Inquiry continues to be a significant factor in the development of our next generation of scientists and engineers.

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