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Week 8,
Term Four, 2016

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During Challenge Week some very enthusiastic Year 7s in IAS nominated to partake in an interesting debate which incorporated a very complex concept-Globalisation. As part of our unit this term on Globalisation; Friend or Foe, the students were asked to volunteer to debate the topic: “Globalisation is Our Friend”.

We were fortunate to be able to enlist the very knowledgeable Year 11s to ‘mentor’ these sessions. Both Year Levels were very enthused which made for a great week of learning new skills and building confidence to speak in front of an audience.

The Semi-Finals were held last week on Friday and two teams were victorious for Tuesday’s Great Debate in The Ray Building Dining Room this week.

Affirmative Team - Jordan Webb, Aiden Eddywing, Emma Wilson and Eva Wingrove
Negative Team - Sofie Smith, Sebastian Leat, Jack Taylor, Sarah Norton

Our Semi Finalists last Friday were: Nada Wilson, Ella Kirk, Brianne Major, Leigh Amores, Isabella Zafeiropoulou, Momoe Gondo, Jarvis Dover, Amelie Bruschi, Hannah Kennedy, Kushi Tumkur, Elise Arnold, Victor Schinasi, Lily MacGregor, Paris Torti, Alissa McKenna and Pippi Harris.

I would like to make a very special mention and a big thank you to the following Year 11 students who made all of this happen: Ashraf Docrat, Brendan Major, Risa Utama, Kelly Park Nalin Batra, Natalie Madden and Zoe Wei.

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