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Week 7,
Term One, 2017

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On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 March the House Plays Festival took over the stage in the Performing Arts Theatre. Thursday’s show entertained our appreciative audience, but left each House determined to reach a new level in their performance for the adjudication.

On Friday Night, in front of a sold out crowd, each House certainly achieved this.

Characters were stronger, transitions were smoother and the focus backstage was a sight to behold. Our adjudicator, Hayden Jones from Shock Therapy Productions, was given an epic task, to select a winner out of five ferociously competitive plays.

The first House of the evening was Andrews, who explored puppetry, physical theatre and shadow play to share their play The Harbinger with the audience.

Laver House was second, presenting the wonderfully odd A Tribute of Sorts, using multimedia and a strong comedic ensemble to tell their quirky tale.

The third House to take to the stage was Veivers, presenting The Sticky Note Saga, an original piece that worked with silhouette and chorus to bring Chad and Laura’s world to life.

The energetic Starkey House was fourth. Their portrayal of Boy Girl Wall was highly physical and showed the power a strong ensemble can have on stage. A special thank you needs to go out to “Thursday”, Somerset’s very own Mr Wrigley!

And finally, the fast paced, episodic comedy, Breaking Badly, presented by Franklin House. With actors taking on multiple characters, their performance had the audience in stitches.

Anticipation grew as the adjudication was finalised. It was a credit to the hard work of all of the Directors and Cast over the past six weeks as Hayden remarked on the high standard of performance work that he had witnessed.

And now to the moment you have all been waiting for ... the results of the 2017 House Play Festival.

The 2017 House Plays Festival Directors Medallions were awarded to:

  • Andrews: Olivia Hodge and Samuel Platt-Muniz (Assistant Director)
  • Laver: Jessica Lekich and Abby Roach
  • Veivers: Courtney Randall and Gina-Maree Teixeira
  • Starkey: Rosie Bensley and Shannen Jones
  • Franklin: Celeste Walsh and Joshua White
  • Best Actor: Lilly McCoomb, Laver House
  • Best Actor: Sebastian Angliss-Li, Laver House
  • Best Actor: Lucas Stokes, Veivers House
  • Best Actor: Samuel Platt-Muniz, Andrews House
  • Adjudicators Award: Veivers House, for their bravery in presenting an original piece of theatre to an audience.
  • The Winner of the 2017 House Plays Festival: Andrews House, The Harbinger, Directed by Olivia Hodge and Assisted by Samuel Platt-Muniz.

Congratulations to all of the House Directors, cast and technical crew on their herculean effort of staging a play in six weeks. On behalf of all involved I would like to acknowledge the hard work of all of the Performing Arts Staff, Heads of House and all of our volunteers. Without your dedication, the House Plays Festival wouldn’t be possible.

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