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Week 8,
Term One, 2017

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Global Thinking is a new Years 9 and 10 elective and this year sees our first Year 10 cohort working through the course. Global Thinking is a course that encourages critical thinking by looking at some of the key issues in our world today.

The course is designed to encourage students to ask meaningful questions about the world in which we live, as well as to apply basic philosophical tools to thinking about these issues.

This term Year 10 have been working on the topic of “Humans and Other Species” wherein they have explored the differences, if any, between ourselves and animals, as well as the philosophical implications of that exploration.

Students worked towards preparing a seminar on one of the issues that arose from their investigation of this topic. The students delivered some interesting, challenging and interactive seminars on their topics; the topics covered such issues as animal testing, cetaceans in captivity, shark nets, the “beecline”, the fate of the Tasmanian Devil, international whaling, animal privacy, and animals and entertainment.

The students certainly enjoyed the opportunity to investigate issues related to animals about which they felt passionate. The group as a whole were forced to consider aspects of animals in the world, often in ways that had not hitherto occurred to them. Many consciences were pricked, many debates ensued, and like all good education, students were forced to consider their beliefs and justify them. In short, almost all of the International Baccalaureate’s learner profiles were demonstrated.

Well done to Mr Singh and Ms Hossy who ably led the students on this journey.

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