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Week 8, Term Three, 2018

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It is hard to know who enjoys the experience more, the students or the elderly they spend time visiting? Year 7s created memories this term after regular visits with residents at the aged care home, The Terraces.

"Going to visit the elderly this term was a fun and rather interesting experience for all of us. Every time we visited, we would usually chat with the elderly and tell them about our life. On some weeks, we would take the loom bands to make bracelets for them and also bring the iPads to use. We would engage in deep conversations with them as well. Many of us even went into a deeper relationship with them. Overall, I believe that we have benefited from these visits and I am excited to participate next term."

  • Hannah Zubair

"The Terraces has been a good experience and I have made a friendly relationship with Diane. It has been a good experience being with the elderly and spending the one-hour sessions every Monday with them this term. We would talk to them about what we are doing and talk about them as well, sometimes we bring in iPads and show them how to use them or we go into the games room and watch movies and play games. We have benefitted from these visits and I would like to participate in these sessions next term."

  • Nicholas Lunniss

"Two weeks ago Eliza and I visited the residents at The Terraces, an aged care home. A lady named Jo taught us how to knit. We had a very fun time with Jo and she taught us all she knew about knitting. We felt immediately welcomed when talking with her and Jo also was very encouraging while we were trying to learn to knit. This was our first time knitting and it made us have a sense of satisfaction. It was very difficult however I am excited to go back next term and gain a deeper understanding of how to interact with the elderly and hopefully improve my knitting skills!"

  • Iona Radcliffe
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