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Week 10, Term Three, 2018

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Kurt Guthrie is popular. He is smart, savvy and seems to have perfected the balance of juggling the pressures of school with his demanding social media schedule; complete with the perfect selfie smile. So when he stops turning up to school one day, without so much as a status update, people begin to talk.

As his friends mine his thriving social media accounts for clues, it becomes clear that things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes real life cannot be filtered out.

2018 - T3 - W10 - unfiltered

On Monday September 17, Shake & Stir Theatre Company performed a high energy, comedic performance to our entire Year 8 cohort. Unfiltered explored the idea that devices assist with our everyday life, can filter the negative, enhance the positive and create relationships with others, without ever needing to look up from the screen. Working with themes of individuality, peer pressure, cyberbullying and online additions, our Year 8 students were challenged to consider the consequences of their actions online.

Live theatre has the power to help students connect to relevant social issues, and encourages them to develop a sense of empathy for others.

Thank you Shake & Stir for providing this valuable experience for our students.

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