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Verbal Combat's Powerful Message Against Cyber Bullying




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Week 7,
Term One, 2016

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On Thursday 3 March, Brainstorm Productions performed a play to Year 7 about verbal and cyber bullying. Brainstorm productions are an organisation that raise awareness for cyber bullying and emphasise the importance of bringing bullying to a halt.

Two fantastic actors came to The Great Hall to present their play. The play was about characters that would normally be found within school grounds. The story explored the different social groups within a school setting and their relationships.

Everything was fine in this story until a new girl called Lucy arrived at the school. Lucy found it difficult to make new friends and students named Gabrielle and Daniel were bullying her. Gabrielle and Daniel began to post photos and cruel messages on social media about her.

What Gabrielle and Daniel didn’t realise is that cyber bullying results in the school, and sometimes even the police, becoming involved. The moral of the story was that cyber bullying is not acceptable and if you use the Internet inappropriately there will be serious consequences.

Brainstorm Productions produced a show that was engaging and maintained our interest. We learnt how to stay safe online and how to treat others both face-to-face and online.

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