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Week 8, Term One, 2020

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Week 6 Wellbeing lessons in Year 8 and 9 provided us with the opportunity to participate in a Wellness Activity. Throughout Term One our wellbeing focus at the College has been Self and part of that focus is thinking of ways we can improve our own wellbeing.

We have learnt that we all have the capacity to take steps to enhance our happiness and what we do to build wellbeing will be different for everyone. While some people turn to meditation or mindful colouring-in, others enjoy physical challenges such as rock climbing or boxing. Cooking and taking care of our nutritional needs provides some people with an outlet, for others it might be drama and role play. Playing board games, drawing and origami are some other examples of activities that can bring positive emotions.

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Our Wellness Activity provided us with the opportunity to explore some of these different activities which are a little outside the normal Schoolbox. In selecting our activity we were encouraged to choose something that we really would enjoy, and avoid picking something just because our friends chose it. Apart from being able to participate in an activity we personally loved, we were in groups of people who shared our interests and were able to form new connections. We were encouraged to reflect on our feelings and emotions before the activity and compare it to our sense of wellness after the activity. All students noticed a change and we all walked away from our activities with a positive sense of self and some ideas for managing our wellbeing in the future.

Luckily for us, these sessions will continue throughout the year, with one per term, so we can try out our different passions. We are looking forward to our next Wellness Activity as we found them to be effective and fun! Thank you to our Wellbeing teachers and additional staff volunteers for organising these activities.

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