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Week 1, Term Two, 2017

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An 80s band, yes, but also the theme of this year’s Year 8 and Year 9 Camps. Rather than prove to be an impediment to the camp experience for our students, the rain proved to be an added adventure with all the students getting in, problem solving, and just “getting on with it”.

Setting up camp in the rain could (and should) have been a miserable experience but the optimism of the students was contagious and even the staff had a wry smile as we all battled through tent set-up and cooking on the first night.

Lots of activities were modified, camp sites changed and buses turned around at flooded creeks but every student ultimately got to experience every activity whether it be the abseiling, canoeing, and hiking on Year 9 Camp or the sandboarding, snorkelling, and sea kayaking on Year 8 Camp.

The Year 8 Camp ventured to Moreton Island again. The natural beauty of the island was a highlight, but for the students it was probably the sand tobogganing, along with the snorkelling off the wrecks. The inclement weather proved a challenge, however nothing compare to what the Year 9 Camp experienced.

Year 9 Camp is based at Mt Minto for abseiling, Moogarah Dam for sailing and canoeing, Mt Greville for hiking and “The Gorge” for bushcraft and a creek hike. All sites are magnificent, however after a deluge of flood-like proportions, especially on Thursday night, some sites resembled something from a disaster zone. With tents wet, along with some clothes, the conditions tested the resilience of both the students and the staff. The students all kept their spirits high and saw the adversity as adding to the adventure. The staff worked tirelessly trying to adapt to the conditions and putting the students' needs very much above their own.

In the end we didn’t need to manufacture experiences to challenge our student’s resilience. The environment provided that challenge and all the students passed with honours. Well done, Years 8 and 9.

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