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Who Has a Case of “Overshareitis”?




Somerset Times Edition

Week 8,
Term Three, 2016

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Alumnus JP Vizcay Wilson (Class of 2006) and fellow Shake & Stir thespians (Johnny Balbuziente and Amelia Douglass) return to Somerset College to present Oversharer to an audience of Year 8 students.

Based on true accounts of teenage experiences, Oversharer explored the realities of social media, our digital footprint and the responsibilities in ownership of what you post online. With a mix of challenging content, savvy wit, diverse and relatable characters and situations, Shake & Stir delivered a performance that made no apologies in questioning the choices we make when “oversharing” our lives online.

At the conclusion of the performance, students discussed these concepts further with the actors. Here, questions derived not only from the strong social message of the play, but also in regards to dramatic choices that were made and how these assisted in conveying the given subject matter. This conversation then carried over into House Group workshops, where students further reflected upon the play’s core message and its potential implications for our immediate interactions with others.

Oversharer was a creative, timely and perceptive performance that challenged its audience to question their online interactions. Although there are no clear answers to the questions the play posed, the intention for this performance to act as precursors for discussion about “why we do what we do” was most certainly achieved.

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