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Year 10 Camp 2018 – An Adventure in the Bush




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Week 9, Term Three, 2018

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Week 8 was an exciting time for us Year 10s, as we finally embarked on our adventure. This time, we were out hiking in the bush around Mt. Barney National Park, hauling our packs around, trekking up and down mountains, and swimming in natural pools.

We hiked all over the place, hauling our packs full of food, water, clothes, and other equipment across the park. On one day we hiked over 14 kilometres out of Barney Gorge, a hike that was supposed to take up to seven hours, in as little as three and a half, taking in the beautiful scenery and singing songs as a group as we trotted up and down the terrain. Down in this gorge, we walked along the creek where we skipped rocks, swam in the freezing cold water, and built a little shelter out of fallen tree branches we found on our way. Luckily, we had very little rain despite unpromising forecasts.

Thursday gave rise to our biggest challenge yet, climbing Mt. Maroon, the second tallest mountain in southeast Queensland. We were faced with steep inclines, overgrown paths, and rock faces, sometimes resorting to our hands and knees in order to scale them, all while we carried our water and lunches in packs up the slope and only occasionally stopping to let those who fell behind catch up. In only an hour and 40 minutes, the “Somerset Gurkhas”, as Mr Evans put it, stormed up the mountain to take in the amazing panoramic view from the top, watching the rain fall on areas in the distance. Arriving back to base camp that night was a treat, as another group had arrived and we got to share our experiences from the week.

This really was an amazing experience for not just me, but everyone on the trip. The 14 students in my group got along famously, with plenty of conversation and always a good laugh. Whether there was stick battles or dance fights, there was rarely a dull moment for us. As a new student, I thought this was really an incredible experience, as I have never done anything like this before. I made some amazing new friends and strengthened the friendships I’d already made. I am grateful I was fortunate enough to go on this camp trip.

All the Year 10s, including me, who went on this trip are all thankful to all the staff members who made this possible, and who will continue to make it possible in the years to come.

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