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Year 10 Design - Katie O'Boyle




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Week 8,
Term Three, 2016

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My final project in Year 10 Design is a Free Choice one. My family are building an outdoor deck area which extends on to our lounge area, this decking area is made to be a communal area for my family where we can sit around a small table.

I have decided to make a table to improve the functionality of this area. The table must work as an outdoor storage area as well as looking nice in the outdoor area and not getting damaged when it rains or gets too much sun. This design must also be unique to our family and be a design which can be easily moved throughout the house. This area will be shaded, however, the wood must be treated and stained so that it doesn’t change colour over time. I intend to learn about how to work with wood as well as making this design as multipurpose as possible.

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