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Year 10 Design - Nadia Regli




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Week 1,
Term Four, 2016

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During this semester of Design, our Year 10 class in undertaking a Free Choice Project. We must choose our own project topic and use our own educational and technological knowledge to individually complete the project.

For my project, I am designing and creating a computer stand with wheels that fits to the size of my computer, increases the effectiveness of my computer, is affordable and is aesthetically pleasing.

I have chosen this topic because tower computers are most effective when they have a stand to unblock fans and slightly prevent dust from entering the computer. Additionally, placing computers directly onto carpet is hazardous for the computer due to Electrostatic Discharge, which can cause overheating and ultimately stop the computer from working. Computer stands can be used to solve this problem although, the stands available for purchase don’t have much style or variety and are quite expensive.

In order to solve the problem of dull and expensive computer stands, I have conducted research and created multiple designs in CAD. CAD is very useful in testing structures before building them. This means development costs are lowered as less mistakes are made and no test structures need to be made. Furthermore, model drawings can be created much faster than by hand and multiple copies can be created. You can also “simulate real-time mechanism” which allows you to test the performance of the model without actually building it.

During this challenging unit, I hope to independently create a successful solution to the problem and learn skills that can be used in other subjects as well as real-life situations.

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