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Week 10, Term Three, 2017

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Late last year I (Emanuelle Svoboda) - along with my Year 10 cohort - was given the opportunity to select a topic to formulate into a Personal Project. As I have been passionate about baking and cooking from a young age, my goal was to create and produce a professionally designed dessert cookbook, compiled of recipes my family and I enjoy.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, I made the decision to select dessert recipes that stemmed from an initial family favourite, while adding a complex twist to each. This was achieved for each dessert by incorporating either an uncommonly used ingredient, or a dessert making technique, which is only gradually being used in today’s society.

After conducting some background information regarding the fundamentals of dessert making and baking, I was able to get in touch with a professional Australian dessert chef. Her name is Merna Taouk, founder of the company, Dessertmakers.

Commencing the dessert making procedure was a tedious yet rewarding stage of my project. With the primary source of information from Merna, and assistance from my family members, I was able to compile 10 desserts, each varying in difficulty.

Over the course of the Personal Project, I have significantly enhanced my dessert making abilities and sense of design through creating my cookbook. Additionally, I have strengthened my social skills through interacting with my family members, as well as by communicating with my mentor. I am looking forward to exhibiting my project at the Personal Project evenings in the upcoming term.

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