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Year 11 Biology Excursion to Hastings Point




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Week 9,
Term Two, 2016

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At 8.50am on 2 May, while all Somerset students were well into their first period, looking forward to another typical school day after the conclusion of the exam period, the Year 11 Biology cohort was doing something starkly different.

The Biology students were embarking on an exciting journey to study the unique ecosystem of Hastings Point. The daily weather forecast had warned of rain but it was not enough to stop us from our day-long expedition.

Once we had arrived at the rocky shore, everyone gathered into the planned groups and settled on different areas of the shore to begin their investigations; all teams had two things in common - amazing co-operation and fun. Putting into practice what we had learned in theory, encouraged us to realise the significance of biology in our world, beyond its meaning as a school subject. It’s great to have the opportunity to experience field work and its learning benefits.

After taking measurements for land profiles, transects, quadrats, looking for marker organisms under rocks, recording biotic and abiotic factors, we actually had time to squeeze in some lunch and watch a pod of whales pass.

It was early in the afternoon when the rain hit us. But by then, we had all finished our data collection, thanks to our excellent team work. Despite being drenched from the rain, our faces read satisfaction and enjoyment. Personally I really enjoyed the day, there was plenty to do gathering data and working as a real scientist in the field!

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