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Year 11 Business Management Excursion 2017




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Week 9, Term Three, 2017

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Recently Queensland and IB Business Management students visited two local businesses who are achieving outcomes that once, may have seemed impossible. This excursion was designed to assist Queensland students to undertake research needed for their mandatory Feasibility Study assignment.

Is it possible to start a world class business in your kitchen? Is it possible to make a come-back in business after your brand name has been bought by a huge foreign competitor? Can Australian products compete against cheaper mass-produced products from overseas? Is it possible for small Gold Coast entrepreneurs to thrive and prosper against intense international competition?

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Our Year 11 Business Management classes now know that the answer to these questions is an emphatic YES – if you are passionate, determined and smart. The visit also provided a rare opportunity for all students to see real businesses in operation.

The Miessence - Organic Natural Enterprises company was established by former Somerset College parent Narelle Chenery in 2003 and now employs over 30 people at a factory in Molendinar. Narelle explained her passion for organic food and cosmetics and the challenges that she and her team have faced as they have grown and commenced exporting to overseas customers. Students learned the requirements of organic certification and the challenges of growing a business, while maintaining an absolute devotion to the original vision of providing genuine organic choices for customers.

UGG since 1974, based in Miami, is a company that must compete against much larger foreign rivals in producing a product once known as uniquely Australian. Despite experiencing significant financial and operational problems, the company continues to grow its sales by taking advantage of the boom in foreign tourism. Students met the Marketing Manager at the UGG factory to learn about promotional strategies and observed a production process that can provide high quality customised footwear for overseas visitors within 48 hrs.

This was an experience students will undoubtedly remember for many years to come. We hope some will also be inspired to take on the challenges of establishing their own business one day.

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