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Year 11 Camp - Fraser Island




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Week 10,
Term Three, 2016

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After an early start of 6.00am on Monday morning no one expected what they would come across in a few hours, the world’s largest sand dune and probably one of its most beautiful places. It is the stunning island known to Indigenous Australians as K’gari meaning paradise, which is certainly was.

If you’re looking for a relaxing camp, that’s exactly what you’ll get. With our 4WD bus and our tour guide Keith, we spent five days not only learning the history of the island but also experiencing and exploring first hand all the marvels of the island from its hidden lakes to its creeks, dunes and hills. Among all the memorable experiences from the trip was visiting the beautiful Lake McKenzie with its stunning clear blue waters, the campfire on the final night where everyone came together to sing and laugh for the final time, as well as even being able to spot dolphins, whales, catfish and stingray along the way! Overall, Fraser Camp was one of our most amazing experiences and we’ve created memories to keep for the rest of our lives.

Carry on Camping; Cave Canem

Fraser Island Camp this year,
A getaway with such good cheer.
Goodburn, Wrigley, Marsh and Schneider,
Were the Camping group provider.

And we had along with us,
Keith, who drove his magic bus.
He towed behind a kitchen too,
To cook up pancakes, snags and stew.

Four-Wheel driving on the beach,
No phone signal; out of reach,
To learn a new appreciation
Of the art of conversation.

Now health and safety does make sense,
We camped inside the dingo fence.
But getting bogged and digging out,
Is what the camp is all about.

We saw the sights, we swam, we hiked,
Activities that were well-liked.
The camaraderie was clear,
When we reached our new frontier.

And as we left our island base,
A sadness came across each face.
Our camping goals had all been met,
A week that we will not forget.

- Dingo the Dog

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