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Week 8, Term Four, 2018

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On Wednesday 21 November, our Year 11 cohort spent the day working with Peer Power, delving into the principles of collaborative leadership and teamwork. The day was a wonderful opportunity for students to come together in Houses and engage in a range of creative activities designed to generate discussion and ultimately, planning for 2019.

One of the highlights of the day is the award of the MacKenzie Shield and the activities, which include the creation of House mascots and problem-solving skills, contribute to the award, presented at the Leadership Dinner.

Each House were responsible for setting their tables – this year’s efforts saw Veivers with a beach theme, Starkey students sat in a very colourful ‘garden’, Laver were illuminated with green lights, Franklin celebrated Ms Hyman’s birthday and Andrews were ‘out of this world’. After an evening of Italian food and two very challenging quizzes designed by Dr Brohier, Franklin House were victorious in claiming the victory and were presented as the winners of the 2018 MacKenzie Shield.

On behalf of the Heads of House, thank you to our Year 11 students who engaged with maturity and positivity on Wednesday. We very much look forward to your leadership in 2019!

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