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Year 11 Visual Arts Explore Identity and Culture




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Week 4,
Term One, 2016

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On Wednesday 10 February, the Year 11 Visual Arts class were privileged to work with local indigenous artist Lisa (Sorbie) Martin.

During a 2 hour workshop on Identity and Culture, Lisa was generous and open in sharing her Torres Strait Island background with the students, exploring themes of self, connections and family to jump start the Year 11 with their own unit looking at Substance and Perception through a focus on Identity.

Lisa’s amazing body of work ranges from traditional painting, textiles, weaving, to printing and ceramics. Her range gave the students invaluable insight into how one artist can develop a wide range of working media, yet still retain a strong personal aesthetic throughout, something the students will be striving to develop for themselves.

As a class, we would like to thank Lisa for her generosity of spirit during the time she shared her passion with us all.

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