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Week 5, Term Two 2017

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A planned trip to Northern NSW for the Year 12 Geography students to study coastal geography was disrupted by the end of term 1 floods, but the recent catch up excursion was blessed with beautiful weather and good conditions.

The students were examining the Coastal Geography of the area to determine the viability of locating a Marina in this area. For many years we have studied the wave refraction patterns, the currents and the deposition patterns in the area using tennis balls, food colouring in the water and observations from the headland. However, this year one student brought a drone to help with his data collection. This proved to be an inspired decision and his footage showed the geographical processes better than could have been achieved in any other way.

Drone footage of the Hastings Point Inlet.

A short viewing of the drone footage made all previous study methods redundant and showed geographical patterns that would make it very difficult to construct a Marina in this area. I thank Jordan Murdock for providing us with an insight into some of the potentials of drone technology.

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