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Year 12 Sciences Extended Experimental Investigations




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Week 6,
Term One, 2016

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The Year 12s have just wrapped up the data collection phase of their final Extended Experimental Investigations. Both Physics and Chemistry finished last Friday and now the Year 12s are all crunching the numbers to discuss and analyse the trends they have found.

In Physics, the students’ experiments were all to do with waves of some kind, whether it be sound waves or light waves. The experiments done were: ‘The Doppler Effect using a Simple Pendulum’, ‘The Singing Wine Glass’, ‘Guitar Strings and Mersenne’s Law’ and ‘The Energy Output of a Solar Panel’. Most of these experiments ‘sound’ fun and many students had a ‘wave’ of emotions when they were figuring out how to get the best results possible.

The Biology students all found a global biological issue of interest to them and created their experiment based on this. The creativity, range and scope of these experiments was amazing to see.

The Year 12 Chemistry students investigated corrosion around the home with various topics covered. Some experimented with methods which are used to protect steel nails from corrosion, such as the use of ‘sacrificial anodes’. Another popular experiment was investigating how salinity affects corrosion. It has been a stressful three weeks for the Chemistry students, so if you see any of them around, wish them luck so they can ‘nail’ their write-ups which are very shortly due.

The Laboratory Technicians at the College have provided all three Sciences with the equipment for all of these experiments and it is a testament to their hard work and dedication that they have allowed so many students to successfully complete their EEI’s. So on behalf of all of Class of 2016, all the Science students thank you and greatly appreciate your hard work to help us achieve our best for this year.

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