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Week 5,
Term One, 2016

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First, there was getting used to the Senior School: all the different timetables, buildings and teachers. Then, there was learning the names of all the new, seemingly hundreds of students.

And now they want us to go on camp in our third week back at school? Gee teachers, you really are working us hard here.

2016 - T1 - W5 - Year 7 Camp

Luckily, Year 7 Camp didn’t turn out as hard as we thought it would be. While the teachers warned us of the terrible storm and told us horrifying stories of flooded tents, the skies were clear and blue on Mount Tamborine. As the week progressed, some of us actually realised that camp could be fun, of all things, even if some of us missed the beautiful glowing screen of our portable devices.

One of the most heart-pounding, terrifying activities at camp was abseiling. Did I hear you correctly? Do you want us to walk down a cliff? Were the words most likely in everyone’s head as the instructors explained how we were going to abseil. Thankfully, we were in good hands, and there were no serious injuries that day. A good thing too, as we still had many activities to go.

Among all the high ropes, glowworms and bush dancing, I’m sure every Year 7 student would agree that the Camp Concert was the highlight of our camping experience, where we were separated into our Houses and left alone to create a whole play from scratch. That sounds easy, right? With no teachers for guidance, and no planners to help us create a whole play? While some Houses may have got off to a rocky start, we all managed to pull it together in the end with some help from our generous Year 12 leaders. On the night, all of the Houses presented spectacular performances, with Laver taking home the spot of first place.

All of Year 7 would like to thank the numerous staff of teachers and everyone else involved for organising this wonderful camp for us and making our camp experience that much better. We hope that camps will get better and better in the years to come.

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