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Year 7 Camp - A Year 12 Perspective




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Week 4,
Term One, 2016

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On Thursday 11 February, 16 eager and enthusiastic Year 12s ventured up to Mount Tamborine to become better acquainted with over 100 Year 7s. Immediately upon arrival, many of us travelled back in time to our very own camp at Mt Tamborine.

However, everything seemed to look a tiny bit smaller than it did when we were there ... except the senior boys. We went from orienteering with Mr Grocott and Mrs Smith to ‘boxercise’ with Mr Whish, to surprisingly strenuous yoga with Dr Brohier. All of the Year 12s took relief in meditation to distract themselves from impending assignments. One anonymous Year 12 became so relaxed that they even fell asleep! After morning tea, we did some fitness with Mr Jones followed by a very beneficial first aid lesson.

A highlight was definitely helping the Year 7s to prepare their play for the Year 7 Camp Concert. Veivers started the night off with ‘I’m a Year 7 – Get Me Out Of Here’ where we laughed hysterically while they pretended to swallow worms and struggle without Wi-Fi. Starkey were next, with their version of ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne’, where every part was valued from the cross-dressing boys to the incredible acting by the lamps. Andrews followed Starkey's impressive performance with a play that had us all relating to the perils of Year 7 Camp. Laver then had us all giggling at the impressions of various teachers in ‘Teachers’ Got Talent’. The judges were very impressed by the dramatic finesse of the Franklin cast creating the Disney Castle and the ship from Titanic in ‘Movies Gone Wrong’. However, there had to be a winner and Laver took out the prestigious award for their accurate representations of Mr Sayer, Sensei Kamei and Mr Whish-Wilson (or Mr Swish-Wilson).

Finally, it was time for what we had all waited five years for: the Seniors' Performance. A very mature melodrama of the adventures of Yoda: the creature who began life as Simba and decided to become a Mermaid to live ‘Under The Sea’. Shortly after, Yoda then fell asleep and found himself as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with an attempted kidnapping by Robin (who was robbin’) and Hood (from da hood). Completed with a very relevant performance of ‘We’re All In This Together’ where Pikachu was played together (and literally together as Siamese twins) by Harrisen and Bill. The play is expected to receive many accolades at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Special thanks from the Seniors to the catering staff for the great food. I don’t know if we were just hungry from trying to keep up with 12-year-olds, but we all filled our plates once, twice or even three times. It was made even better by the wonderful staff serving us at each meal. Meal times were great for sitting with our Year 7 friends to get to know them better.

After 14 hours of living the life of a Year 7 on camp, we all decided two things:

  1. It takes a lot of energy to survive one day of Year 7 Camp, and
  2. The teachers must be supermen and superwomen to endure an entire week of camp and not topple over with exhaustion after just one day.

Especially the incredible Mrs Rowe, who was still smiling and energetic after five days of being ‘Chief’. We also cannot forget Mr Sayer, who not only helped co-ordinate our visit but also all the camps we have enjoyed over our Somerset journey. Our hero for the day, however, was Mr Walker, who woke up earlier than we as 17-year-olds can imagine and drove a 24-seater bus down Mt Tamborine whilst on second gear. A tremendous amount of effort and we are all incredibly grateful to be allowed to step away from our books and enjoy the wilderness with the Year 7s. Before Year 7 Camp the Seniors knew only a small amount about the Year 7s (mostly their names). Now, we laugh together at the memories we share with the Class of 2021.

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