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Week 4,
Term One, 2017

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On Monday morning, 6 February, the 2017 Year 7 cohort chatted nervously. What are we going to eat? What are we going to do at this camp? How do I set up a tent? These questions undoubtedly went through each student's mind before we got on the busses.

When we finally arrived, we had a morning tea break – then we got down to business. In the boiling hot sun, we each found our own patch of grass and set up our tents. There were a few minor arguments about which tent group owned which patch of grass, but overall we had a fun time. That day, we did activities in our Houses such as yoga with Dr Brohier and a slip 'n' slide with Mrs Carroll down a large hill.

2017 - T1 - W4 - Year 7 Camp

That night, we split up to do different activities. Groups 1 and 2 explored a nature trail on the hunt for glowworms and groups 3 and 4 did bush dancing with Mrs Rowe and Mrs Walker. The next day, we went our different ways for the day – the four groups spreading out for high ropes and laser skirmish at Thunderbird Park and abseiling and swimming in rock pools. By far, laser skirmish was the most fun I had at camp – two hours of hiding in the bushes and shooting at friends and rivals and earning points for our teams. Though, for every fun moment – there is always a moment of fear. This was clear in abseiling – we were going to walk off a cliff! In the first moments of abseiling we were all fearing for our lives when we leaned over the cliff. What if I fall? Will I survive? These were questions rushing through our minds as we slowly stepped down the cliff.

Camp, overall, was a great experience in our lives. The Tassie Trip was fun, but the hotels were limited to only 5 stars. However, in this camp we were sleeping under infinite stars (the night sky)! In the end, we were a little bit sad to leave camp ... but we left with plenty of memories to share and I am sure everyone is looking forward to Year 8 Camp! Thank you to all the teachers involved who helped us to have a fun week away.

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