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Year 7 Enjoy Science Week




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Week 4,
Term Two, 2016

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After long hours of anticipation, the Year 7s were certainly rejoicing when Science Week came around! It was finally the time to ask science-related questions, participate in science activities and make bad science jokes, all in the name of Science.

The Year 7s were especially lucky last week, as we were fortunate enough to Skype with former student Carl Smith (Class of 2006) from Behind the News in Adelaide, as part of the many plans Mrs Walker had for us that week.

Junior School students also enjoying Science Week!

As Carl told us, Behind the News is a news channel on Australia's ABC TV. Its goal is to discuss current news and events in a way that school-aged children like ourselves will be able to understand and relate to. Everyone in Year 7 was certainly impressed when Carl told us that he was able to work at Behind the News, as well as star alongside co-hosts Molly and Matt in their own ethics podcast, Short and Curly. As an alumnus of Somerset College, Carl was also able to tell us a bit about what Somerset was like back in the day. I'm sure not many of us Year 7s knew about the famous 'Year of the Lizard', as Carl called it, the year when Franklin House won almost every carnival, nor did any of us realise just how much Somerset has changed over the years.

Carl was also able to talk to us about science-related topics, and his love of sharing and talking about science with children as young as we are now. To Mrs Walker's surprise, after a quick show of hands, it seemed that most of the Year Level preferred Chemistry of the science subjects, despite having just completed a unit all about Biology in science classes. During the talk, Carl explained to us the many paths that a science degree could lead you, such as a medical degree, science engineering or even an anaesthetist! One of the highlights of his talk was his explanation of his day-to-day routine at the Behind the News Television Studio, with each day bringing a new task. Firstly, brainstorming ideas with his team, writing the script, recording and filming all the current events, and then presenting the final episode for the worldwide audience.

On behalf of Year 7, we would like to express our gratitude to both Carl and Mrs Walker for organising this amazing experience. It was inspiring and has certainly motivated us all to engage more deeply in the world of science and to appreciate all the effort that is required before Behind The News goes to air. It was a most valuable learning experience which has enriched our understanding of science in the world.

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