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Week 5,
Term Three, 2016

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Well, we are well and truly into the second half of the year, and what a journey it has been for the Year 7s! Memories have been made, friendships have been formed and table tennis has been mastered ... nearly.

The start of the year was accompanied by the usual chaos of working out the classroom names, organising uniforms, books, timetables and, of course, lockers. However, before any sort of routine could be established, the whole cohort packed up their bags and tents for camp out at Mount Tamborine. What a way to start the year! Abseiling, high ropes, bush dancing and the much anticipated Year 12 leaders’ visit made for a very exciting week. After spending an entire day with the seniors, the two Year Levels became much closer and concluded with the leaders’ hilarious but humiliating rendition of various Disney movies combined. Nevertheless, we all had a good time and, even now, some Year 7s still quote that their fondest memories this year (so far) have come from camp week.

Whilst various events (including the exciting House Plays Festival) came and went in the following few months, the next big milestone was the first ‘real’ Senior School exam block. Although it was a little nerve racking on the onset, I can say that on behalf of the Year 7s, exam time went very smoothly. Credit should be given to the Year 7 Study Skills day, including a cameo appearance from none other than the Academic Captains themselves.

After a lot of excitement and a little bit of anticipation from last semester, we believe that the Year 7s segue into the Senior School has been flawless. However, as we pass the half time mark for this year, it will soon be time for them to move out of their beloved common room and into the more daunting locker room with the other Senior students. And yes ... without table tennis. But we aren’t there yet! Not before the eagerly awaited event on the calendar – the Year 7 disco! Everybody is enthusiastically dressing up. Who will be the winner of the best dressed and the limbo competition? We are sure that it is bound to be a great night.

So to all the Year 7s: Although it isn’t the end yet, both of us have been so honoured to be your Year 7 Captains for this year. It has been a pleasure to see your smiling faces every week. It definitely makes our stressful, assessment-filled days much better once we have seen you. Thank you for making our roles such a joyous and delightful one!

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