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Week 1, Term Four, 2018

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The Year 7 area was transformed into an Egyptian Arena for students to immerse in the culture. Some were dressed in Ancient Egyptian clothing taking the class back to ancient times before presenting their artefacts to their peers.

The students were fortunate enough to be visited by Mrs Eades who happened to be an authentic Egyptian. Her story of fleeing the country and the traumatic events she had to overcome, truly touched us all. Mrs Eades also taught the students to speak five words in Arabic and rewards were given to those who had the ancient tongue.

There was also a games session, which needless to say, was enjoyed by all. The board games and Pick up Sticks were the favourites, along with creating their own marbles games.

The documentary was interesting in its own way, as it revealed what was under the bandages of a mummy when using technology today. Mummification was a fascinating process in preserving bodies that were over 3000 years old.

Over a few weeks in Term Three, students have been writing and reading about a chosen Egyptian topic based on their own research question. Whether it be about the Gods or the way Egyptians lived their day-to-day life, everyone was immediately fascinated by this culture and how resourceful they were.

Overall, I found the students enjoyed the day. The 3-D Models were amazing and it was great to see the creativity and the time and effort put into these final products.

On behalf of the Year 7 cohort I would like to thank all who helped to make this fascinating day possible.

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