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Year 7s Walk Like Egyptians




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Week 9, Term Three, 2020

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I got to school and as far as I could see it was all normal. But then I walked into the Year 7 area…….it was mayhem. Everyone was in their extravagant outfits, looking like some sort of Egyptian.

There were loads of amazing models. There were many great activities including eating samples of ancient Egyptian foods.

There were chocolate pyramids! I mean chocolate pyramids!!!

Hamish Kennedy

The Year 7 Egyptian Day was good because it gave us a different perspective on the Egyptian’s daily life.

The talk from Gianni’s grandmother was excellent. Some other great things we did was making a clay Ankh which is the symbol of life, play Egyptian games, sample Egyptian food and we got to dress up! Overall, it was a great day learning more about the Ancient Egyptians.

Thomas Sanders

On Wednesday, Year 7 had a taste of Ancient Egypt, literally! Not only did we learn about Egypt in a fun and interactive way, we even ate some sweets from Egypt! Everyone dressed up in a costume and did a rotation of activities. Also, a special guest, Gianni’s grandmother - Mrs Marie Eades came to speak to us about her experience of Ancient Egypt. It was an enjoyable opportunity for all. After a unit of learning about Egypt, we finally got a real understanding and appreciation for the successful civilisation that developed into the world we live in today.

Jasmine Small, Leylah Zubair, Aimee Zhang

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