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Week 10, Term One, 2018

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March 19 5.30am began with what looked like a major military exercise – 128 eager Year Eight students, four 4WD buses, and 10 courageous Somerset teachers. This departure for the Micat ferry and onto Moreton Island for Year 8 camp was quickly followed by the Year 9 camp departure – an even more daunting prospect.

Two 60 seat coaches, three mini buses, four 4-Wheel Drives and two cars plus a water tank trailer, 10 sea kayaks, three x catamaran’s, four x pacers (another sailing boat for the landlubbers) eight canoes plus a safety boat, in addition to the four trailers loaded to the brim with food, tents, BBQ’s, tarpaulins, and somewhere we managed to fit the students personal belongings and 16 even more courageous teachers.

2018 - T1 - W10 - camp

As they say a picture paints a 1000 words. From the beaming grins and the feelings of accomplishment I hope every student feels they gained something worthwhile from the camp experience. To the younger siblings at home I hope they enjoyed being king of the castle for a week To the parents, your children did you proud. All I have heard from the staff is what an amazing group of students we have on both Year 8 and year 9 camp.

Thank you to the students who excepted the challenge of building new friendships, eating different food, attempting new challenges, either abseiling, rock-climbing, sand tobogganing, sailing, canoeing snorkelling etc. and remaining positive when confronted by lightning and sideways rain. For only four nights a year we ask students to open themselves to the new experiences and challenges of camp.

Last week was one the most successful I have experienced.

Well done Year 8 and Year 9.

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