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Year 8 Camp at Moreton Island




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Week 1, Term Two, 2017

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This year, the Year 8 cohort embarked on a journey to Moreton Island, to our camp. Despite the weather, this camp was definitely a good one.

On Monday morning, we were all up and at school at 5.30am and we had departed for Brisbane by 6.00am. When we reached Brisbane, we jumped on the Micat, which was the ferry taking us to Moreton. At around 11.00am we arrived at Moreton and dived straight into our first activities.

Groups 1 and 2 went off to the ‘Desert’ where they went sand tobogganing at around 80km/h down an at least 50m long sand dune. Back at the beach, Group 3 was snorkelling around the incredible shipwrecks and Group 4 was kayaking around in the glass bottom boats. There were so many different species of fish and it was such an incredible experience to be able to sail over them while having fun in the boats with our friends.

We then ventured back to our campsite. We all had a great time hanging out and chatting. On Tuesday, we went hiking and enjoyed the rest of our day swimming and having fun on various beaches. Even though the weather was rainy, we still optimized the opportunity to have fun with our friends.

On Wednesday, we switched our activities and the Kayakers from Monday endeavoured on a snorkelling adventure and the snorkelers took on the kayaks. We trudged up a huge sand hill, were met by a crab army and we went to the blue lagoon and champagne falls. Later that night, we embarked on a special journey that was the night kayaking tour. Our boats were illuminated by a special light in the base of the boat and we explored the wrecks in a whole new light. While different groups were taking turns to complete this activity, the others walked down the gorgeous beach to Tangalooma Resort.

Then on Thursday the groups swapped and groups 1 and 2 took turns at kayaking and snorkelling, while groups 3 and 4 went to the desert to go sand tobogganing.

On Friday, it was finally time to escape our sopping wet tents, a profound lack of sleep but also the gorgeous island that we will forever be able to give credit to for the forming of many new friendships, fond memories and the opportunity to take part in these once in a lifetime experiences.

We jumped on the ferry and came back to the Gold Coast, where we all were met by our families. I think we can all definitely say that we have a new-found appreciation for our beds and all the other things that we take for granted at home. This camp really brought our whole year level together and we have become closer and more united as a cohort. All friendship groups were put aside and everyone bonded and formed at least one new friendship.

On behalf of my year level, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff members of Somerset College for making this whole camp possible.

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