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Year 8 Camp to Moreton Island




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Week 2, Term Two, 2017

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Last month our Year 8 students bonded as we were challenged and pushed to our limits on the adventurous camp to Moreton Island. After a long morning of travelling by bus and ferry, we started off our day with sand tobogganing.

It was so much fun accelerating down the hill with sand flicking up in our faces. We then headed back to our campsite, where we would live for the next five days. Everybody rushed to get the best tent spot, and then we set up and settled into our new temporary homes. Although the weather wasn’t exactly the best throughout the week, we soldiered on and continued with our camp.

2017 - W2 - T2 - Year 8 Camp

Over the next few days, we were involved in many activities which were fun and engaging. We snorkelled down at the wrecks and saw fish, sharks (luckily nobody was eaten), coral and many other wonders. We got to feed the fish bread and try to catch them too. We also went kayaking around the wrecks, looking at all of the rusted ships and the marine life in the water. I attended the optional night kayaking, and it was amazing looking down at the ocean and the wrecks seeing all of the marine life with a different view. We went swimming in a lagoon, and we also went hiking, along trails besides the scenic ocean and to the top of a mountain. One of the best parts of the trip was climbing a sand dune near the mud flats, where you could see the whole island from the top! We also had our camp concert, which involved many people singing, dancing, and entertaining.

Overall, the camp was a great experience and although many of us were sad to leave (we weren’t sad to leave the sand behind!), we will remember it fondly. Thank you to all the Somerset staff and Sunset Safaris for organising this trip for us! Wait… is that sand on my computer screen?

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