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Week 9, Term Two, 2017

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On Tuesday 6 June, the Year 8 MA-4 class undertook an investigation to calculate the grassed area of the Somerset Towers Quad to help the Grounds staff work out how much fertiliser would be required. Armed with only trundle wheels, a tape measure and mathematical formulae, the students eagerly embraced the challenge.

As they soon realised, finding real world solutions is often more involved than solving textbook questions. This group activity required students to accurately measure and record all 20 segment lengths that form the perimeter of the grass. To minimise error, an average of every groups’ measured lengths was taken, with agreed outlier values discarded.

Using their knowledge of Geometry, students calculated the greater rectangular area and then subtracted the straight and curved area cut-outs around the edge. After a ‘lengthy’ process the final area was determined. All students said that they had fun putting their maths knowledge into practice outside of the classroom. For anyone wanting to know, the area was found to be 893m2.

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