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Year 9 Brothers do Bond for BUFTA




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Week 6, Term Three, 2017

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On Sunday 6 of August we were lucky enough to attend a BUFTA screenwriting course at Bond University. We were very excited to attend this class, since we are both very passionate about film-making and hope to give the Coen brothers a run for their money one day.

We were a little nervous, as we were the youngest people attending the class by far. It also didn't help that we got lost at the university. It is so much bigger than Somerset College!

2017 - T3 - W6 - bond boys

It was exciting to sit in a university classroom and learn about the development of screenwriting. We analysed characters from popular Pixar movies, an award winning BUFTA film and two Tropfest short films. We also did activities such as describing the person next to us, as if they were a film character and creating a pitch for a story, using someone's idea that they had come up with for a short film.

We really enjoyed our time at the BUFTA film-making course. It is an experience Samuel and I will definitely be able to use and we will remember to thank Mrs Coombes and Somerset College in our thank you speech at the Oscars!

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