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Week 4, Term Two, 2017

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Over the past few weeks the Year 9 Design classes have been building bee hotels. Coming in all shapes and sizes, it’s safe to say that Somerset’s bees now have some very luxurious homes

We began constructing our bee hotels at the start of this term. We used everything from bandsaws to hammers to build our bee hotels. There were definitely some confused faces when people discovered that we’d need Maths to figure out the angles of our joints. However, in the end, everyone eventually got it thanks to some useful protractors.

Then came the time to paint and decorate. You’d think putting the pieces together would be the hard part, but really, trying to find flowers and bamboo to put into the bee hotels was the hardest. We were all on the constant hunt for flowers, asking neighbours, friends and even raiding our parents’ beloved gardens.

Overall, our bee hotels look like a success. All that’s left is to let the bees enjoy their stay.

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