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Year 9 Design Day – Activities Week




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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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With the Year 10s and Year 11s on camp, students back at the College get to do things a little differently during Activities Week. Wednesday of Week 8 was a day-long Design Challenge for students who take Design, IT, MMS and Business electives.

The day started off with a scavenger hunt, where students worked in their groups to find and decipher a series of clues which gave them all the information they needed to complete the day’s task. With minimal verbal instruction from staff, the students worked collaboratively to design, plan, create and problem solve all whilst working to deadlines.

The end results were a series of oversized masks based on the work of US Puppeteer and Set Designer, Wayne White, using members of staff as their focus. It was wonderful to see students working so well together, allowing their creativity to flourish without the pressures of assessment. Lots of paint, glue and cardboard later, a great day was had by all.

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