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Year 9 Design Students are Saving Australia’s Bees!




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Week 4,
Term One, 2017

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In Year 9 Design we are currently working on a unit where the objective is to design and make Bee Hotels which will be installed around the College to support the native bee population. So far during this project we have inquired into why bees are so important to our world.

We have also looked at the features of existing similar products and identified their key features. This will help us when we create our own designs. I enjoy this unit as it shows and teaches us about all the aspects involved with creating a bee hotel - there is the research, planning and designing side and then there is the woodwork side. I think my favourite part in this project will be constructing the bee hotel. So far I have learnt several important skills that, without a doubt, I will be using in the future. Some of these skills include designing, creating, planning, woodwork and researching techniques.

2017 - T1 - W4 - Design

I have set myself some goals to work towards during this unit. These goals include having fun, achieving an above average mark and remembering the important research I have learnt from this project. Ultimately, my goal for this unit is to complete it well. This unit is really well thought-out and helps with educating students about why bees are important as well as other skills.

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