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Week 6,
Term One, 2017

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Currently in Year 9 Design we are designing bee hotels which we will ultimately make and put up on the College grounds. Out of the four criteria, Criterion B is about developing ideas and deciding on how our final product will look.

The designs we create are influenced by researching existing designs on the internet, which we then use as inspiration to create our own unique designs. We all create at least four designs, outlining how each one met our Design Specifications. Most of our designs are hand drawn showing many views, before we scan them into Photoshop. We can also use CAD programmes to develop designs, too.

Photoshop is used to edit the designs by adding colours, textures and gradients. Making your design big and clear really helps with this process - if there are gaps between the lines, selecting the right area to fill in is challenging! The colours many of us decided to use were different shades of browns, however, research showed that bright colours are more effective for attracting bees. Therefore, a large group of people decided to include accents of bright colours in their designs, for an increase in chance for bees to nest to their bee hotel.

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