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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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Last week, while the Year 12s were sitting QCS, the Year 11s were navigating waterways and the Year 10s were conquering mountains, the Year 9s had a MAD Day on and off campus.

Given the option of working in the strand of Music, Art or Drama, students participated in a multitude of learning and assessment experiences in their selected field. So what did each subject get up to ... ?


Our Year 9 Music class had the opportunity to create our own compositions with the help of our teacher, Mrs Roberts. Taking inspiration from other composers, remodelling our thoughts and using a composition studied last year allowed us to explore the elements of rhythm and texture in music. Our fabulous fugal fantasies are now in the melting pot as we continue our journey to self-discovery through music composition. Our work throughout the day has given us a greater knowledge and deeper understanding of creating of a fugue. We developed our skills of analysis, listening and creating in order to hone our craft which will be sure to take the world by storm. You never know what you might see on YouTube in the near future.

Compiled by the Year 9 Music Class

Visual Art

After a morning of creating our own lino print designs, the Year 9 Visual Art students made the expedition to Murwillumbah’s Tweed River Gallery. Here we were able to stroll through exhibitions such as A-Z: The Alphabet in Art – which included pieces from the gallery’s collection, Michael Cook’s Mother and the famous Margaret Olley Art Centre, where we had the chance to create some work of our own with a still life scene inspired by her home.

After a quick break to admire the rolling hills of Murwillumbah, we turned back towards the city to Karen 19 – a vibrant building hiding amongst the industrial suburb of Mermaid. This gallery was packed to the rafters with bright modern pieces, surrealistic portraits and, most prominent, students eager to get that perfect photo for their Instagram feeds (and to analyse the art of course ... ).

The return bus trip to school was filled with enthused chatter about our favourite pieces, best photos and, in some cases, showcases of our abilities to create and share our own pop art. I think we can all agree that this outing was both inspiring and stimulating, as well as a perfect escape from day-to-day school life. It was the perfect opportunity for us to get out and see the art that we, as students, emulate so frequently.

Written by Luisa Ardill-Walker


Weeks earlier, the Year 9 Drama students had been split in groups and were working towards our Performance Poetry assessment piece, and on Tuesday, the day of performance had finally arrived. After an hour of last-minute rehearsing, split-second costume decisions and of course, some pre-performance nerves, each group graced the stage, hoping to impress our teacher/matriarch/chief theatre master Miss Green and receive the much-coveted 8/8 for our assessment. Despite a couple of missed lines, the performances ran smoothly and everyone left the theatre happy with their performance. However, we were given little time for relief as we almost immediately began our new unit, improvisation, the art of theatre without preparation. Memorising lines or cues is prohibited, and relies completely on spontaneity. After only a couple of hours, our class realised this unit was going to test even the most experienced of performers. We spent the afternoon enjoying an introduction to improvisation, learning the "10 Commandments of Improvisation", and playing several Theatresports games that challenged us, tested us but most of all made us laugh.

Written by Vivi Baker

Congratulations to all the Year 9 students who involved themselves so enthusiastically throughout this day and a big thank you to the fantastic Arts staff who made it all possible!

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